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Itinerary: Airport Transfer to accommodation in Miklósvár – Viscri – Sighisoara – Brasov – Bran Castle – Zalánpatak

Airport Transfer to accommodation in Miklósvár – Viscri – Sighisoara – Brasov – Bran Castle – Zalánpatak.- Back to the airport


Day 1- Arriving

            You will meet your English speaking tour guide at the airport or train station and you will be transferred to your hotel in Miklósvár. 

Accommodation and dinner in Kalnoky Pension in Miklósvár 


Day 2- Viscri, UNESCO’s World Heritage village

           After a delightful breakfast, together with your guide you are going to discover the medieval village of Viscri (Deutschweisskirch). 

           Full of life wide graveled streets, colourful houses, farmers coming home from the fields, ducks, geese, guinea-fowls, turkeys – this is Viscri! It is one of the most impressive of the old Transylvanian Saxon villages on UNESCO‟s World Heritage List. 

           You will visit the fortified church which dates back to 1230; the fortified walls were added in. Your guide will introduce you to the history of the places. 

           The landscape around Viscri is similar to pre-Industrial Western Europe. This is partially due to the non-intensive traditional farming methods that continue to be practiced in this region. Approximately 500 people live in the village, the majority of which are involved in subsistence farming. 

           Horses work the fields and the elegant scythe remains a key farming tool. This makes the countryside very wildlife-friendly; bird species that are suffering a decline in Western Europe continue to thrive in Transylvania (Black stork, Lesser spotted eagle, etc.). More eloquent is the wealth of the wild flower meadows that seem to coat the entire landscape. 

           We will have a lovely walk or a horse and cart ride up to the charcoal burners, have a picnic on the way , visit the blacksmith (the third generation on his profession) on return. 

Accommodation: Kalnoky in Miklósvár Pension Included meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner 


Day 3 – Sighisoara, medieval town

            In the company of your guide you are driving to Sighisoara to further travel back in time. Medieval Sighisoara is the only inhabited citadel of its kind in Europe, and it is one of the seven major Saxon towns dating back to the 13th century and is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. You will spend a whole day in this charming little town and learn more about the history of the Saxons in Transylvania. The old town or citadel dominates the newer quarters, from a rocky massif. It is also the alleged birthplace of VladTepes, “The Impaler”. During this tour you will visit the Citadel, the Clock Tower, the Monastery Church and climb the Scholar‟s Stairs to reach the newly restored Church on the Hill and the atmospheric Saxon cemetery. Lunch will be served at a local restaurant in the cobbled town square. You can taste local brandies in the local distillery. 

            After a pleasant day in Sighisoara you are driving to Miklósvár, your next destination point. The manager will wait you with a glass of local caraway brandy and homemade cake. Dinner will be served in the wine cellar, with its massive oak beams, stoves and central fireplace, dating from the 17th century. 

Transportation: By car/On foot

Accommodation: Kalnoky Pension in Miklósvár Included meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner 


Day 4- Hores & cart ride

           By a horse and cart you will be taken to the high pastures to meet the shepherds and their flock of sheep.The guide will explain you about the shepherd‟s lifestyle, as well as the methods used to protect their livestock from predators. There might be an opportunity to hear some of their tales about close encounters with bears and wolves,often only slightly exaggerated. 

           You will also see them milking and making cheese. Take advantage to see birds, dears and other animals during your ride.Returning to the lower pastures, we will have a picnic and explore the beautiful wild flower meadows before returning home to Miklósvár. 

Transportation: By horse & cart/On foot

Accommodation: Kalnoky Pension in Miklósvár Included meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner 


Day 5- Brasov & Bran Castle

            Today you will be taken by a private guide around some of the highlights of Transylvania, including: the fairy-tale like Bran Castle, the attractive medieval town of Brasov and the lovely area of Poiana Brasov. 

            Bram Stoker immortalized Transylvania in his book „Dracula‟, but he never actually visited the region. Bran Castle, which has become synonymous with Count Dracula is about an hour drive from Miklósvár, your guide will help you to sort facts from fiction. After you have visited the castle you take a shortcut to Brasov trough the 1200 meter high Poiana Brasov. Brasov City is one of the seven major Transylvanian Saxon towns. 

             In the company of your cultural guide you will stroll around the beautiful Town Hall Square and visit the famous Black Church with its display of 500 year-old Turkish carpets. 

Transportation: By car/on foot

Accommodation: Kalnoky Pension in Miklósvár. Included meals: Breakfast, Lunch in Brasov, Dinner 


Day 6- Craft`s day

             During this excursion you`ll visit the “village‟s workshops”. You will meet a family of wood carvers and furniture painters at Vargyas who have been handing down their profession from father to son since the 1500s (oldest in Europe).The only still in function water mill is 20 km from Miklosvar. ″Etelkaneni ″ who is running the water mill is the only lady in the region using a handloom. 

            Our friend who repairs our saddles and other leather accessories for the horses runs a small workshop in a little town on the way back from the watermill.He is introducing the visitors in the secrets of leathers and techniques. Also in the neighbourhood we are going to visit the tinsmith who makes buckets, gutters and different metal dishes. 

Transportation: By car/on foot

Accommodation: The Prince of Wales`s guesthouse at Zalanpatak Included meals: Breakfast, Lunch/picnic, Dinner 


Day 7- Zalánpatak

            During the stay at Zalánpatak, you become part of a different world. At the outskirts of a tiny isolated village, little farmhouses nestling in a pristine natural environment have been restored by Count Kálnoky for His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales. You can spend the nights in complete comfort and harmony with nature. 

           You will spend the day exploring the area with our scenery guide following bear tracks , occasionally fishing for trout in the mountain stream, watching birds, admiring flowers. You will have a delicious picnic lunch with local brandy.  In the evening you can sit outside on a bench and watch the cows coming home alone to their respective gates, learn to milks a cow, and return to the guesthouse with a handful of new skills. 

Transportation: on foot/walking

Accommodation: The Prince of Wales guesthouse in Zalánpatak Included meals: Breakfast, Picnic Lunch, Dinner 


Day 8 – Departure 

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Included services:

·          Accommodationwith FB included

·          Transportation

·          Guide

·          Entrance fees

·          City tours

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Not included:

·          health insurance

·          personal costs

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This offer is perfect for a group of minimum 20 people.

It's possible to have only breakfast or half board or full-board.

If you want we can change and personalized the package

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